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Made with exclusive Nanobubble technology from Japan

Our passion and trust lead us to be the only one to offer this amazing technology from Japan within our products.

SalaHime has exclusive Nanobubble technology, called Matrix Water®. The key to SalaHime Essence All-In-One Facial Gel is how this extremely small water bubble powers oxygen and other incredible ingredients to absorb deep into the skin.  

This amazing Nanobubble is also responsible for delivering the GF activated human stem cells that promote overall healthier skin inside and out.   With the human stem cells’ ability to regenerate and repair you will see a New You Every 28 Days.

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Why Salahime works

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"The cells of the skin work on a cycle and it's not necessarily feasible to see noticeable changes right away, this product didn't disappoint. Right away, no dryness, staying moisturized and evening out uneven skin tone along with the pink undertones fading. I'd recommend it especially for anti-aging."

Aesthetician, Monice D.

"l think this product might be a bit of a miracle, it certainly the best I've ever used and so easy!"

Gretchen A.

"SalaHime has been more than I could have ever hoped for my extremely sensitive skin."

Ally B.

"I am LOVING the results I’m seeing thus far. My oily, sensitive, acne prone skin feels plumped, hydrated, is smoother & looks brighter in just two weeks."

Amanda G.


Luxury skincare, exclusive Matrix Water facial gel to brighten, tone, and support anti-aging for healthier skin inside and out.